PRESENT st. francis hall

PRESENT st. francis hall

New Hall Good Shepherd Hall ~A Catholic Community Center~


For over 60 years St. Francis Xavier Church Hall has been an important part of our parish and local community. We have and continue to use the facility for countless social events such as the Parish Picnic and Christmas Party; adult educational opportunities; Parish School of Religion/Youth Group activities; parish retreats; Men’s and Woman’s Club meetings and fund raising events like our famous Lenten Fish Fry. It was once a premier rental facility of the area for weddings, showers, and various celebrations.

 It is hard to imagine continuing our mission and ministry as a Roman Catholic Parish and community without a place and space which the present hall provides.  Though the existing Parish Hall has served us well, the fact remains that buildings have an expected life cycle.  At the end of their life cycle repairs begin to mount and affect the use and function of the building. We are currently facing the reality that extensive repairs will be necessary in the very near future to maintain our Parish Hall.  The roof is currently deteriorating as evidenced by the rust stains, and holes.  Additionally, areas of the foundation are cracking and the window are leaking water.  The heating and air conditioning units need replaced soon and the water line will need expensive repairs.  The Parish Council and the Hall Committee have indicated that it would not be wise to pour large amounts of money into the repair of the present hall when you also consider inadequacy of the restroom facilities; lack of technology for educational purposes;  and the constant struggles with the existing kitchen.  We ask and hope you will join us and our campaign in support of a new Parish Hall: “Come Together, Build Our Future, Leave a Legacy”

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Details of Plans:

PHASE I—Completed

May 12, 2009.  St. Francis Parish Council the Buildings and Grounds Committee presented the results of a study on the present condition of the social hall and recommendations regarding repairs, upgrades and cost estimates. At the time they estimated repairs to be in the range of above $200,000.

March of 2010 a Survey was conducted among the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier and St. Gabriel regarding a new parish hall, its location, size, design and sources of funding. There was overwhelming agreement on the need for a facility which would accommodate approximately 300 people and benefit both parishes in the future, especially in light of the Diocese of Steubenville Pastoral Plan for Mother of Hope Deanery (Carroll County is included in this area)” See under Parishes: Deanery Council Pastoral Plans.

The combined Parish Council of St. Francis and St. Gabriel discussed the results of the survey and it was unanimously decided that St. Francis had land available for development which would not necessitate the expense of property being purchased, and would allow for the development of parking spaces to accommodate a new facility. It was also decided that St. Francis Parish would be responsible for the construction, financing and operation of the new facility with members from St. Gabriel being invited to assist on a personal basis.

March of 2012 permission was granted by Msgr. Kurt Kemo, Administrator of the Diocese of Steubenville, and the Office of Buildings and Property, to continue with the next step in the planning phase.

      Your love and generosity has currently raised $300,000.00 towards our new Hall.     


The purpose of the new hall would be to provide a facility that will primarily help to strengthen the faith life of our parishioners, and secondarily reach out to the needs of the local community. The new hall will fulfill these needs through a high quality building with modern technology. Phase II will help to translate our vision into a conceptual model. Following the Renovation and Construction Guidelines for theDiocese of Steubenville we offer the following for consideration:

1.  Description

The proposed hall is planned to replace the existing hall (5,300 SF) on the grounds of St. Francis Church.

The proposed structure will be approximately 8,300 SF and contain seating to accommodate approximately 350 occupants.

One goal of the new Hall is to provide a single meeting point with adequate facilities to service both St. Francis and St. Gabriel parishes.

Additional services would be offered to the public for meetings, wedding receptions etc.

2.  Need

The existing hall at St. Francis is currently in need of significant repairs. Estimates received have exceeded the worth of the building.

Repairs required to remedy issues at St. Francis may be cause to rectify all associated code violations at an added expense to simply correcting a current defect.

The hall at St. Gabriel is located in the basement and is not easily accessible to individuals with disabilities. A single floor hall would rectify this situation for both parishes.

The St. Francis site has been chosen due to the availability of land. The St. Gabriel site is land-locked and would require property acquisition to construct a new hall.

Neither parish has adequate internet technology or AV systems. This hall would provide a means for expanded education and social gatherings by providing the systems to maximize technology for these purposes.

3.  Estimate of Costs:

The current estimate of the building at a conceptual state is conservatively $900,000.

 4.  Pledge Campaign:

The next step toward achieving our vision and mission is reaching the Pledge Goal of $350,000 through this campaign.  Additional fundraising events; gifts and donations; possible grants; and financing will support our remaining financial needs.

Our Plan

We have chosen an architect, Caplea Studio Architects of Canton, Ohio, and are now conducting a special “St. Francis Xavier New Hall Building Campaign.” A Pledge Form for this campaign is available on this page. Pledges may be made in installments, or by a one time payment. Those opting to make payments will be able to use a special envelope which will be included in your regular Church Support packet to assist in the proper recording of your regular payment towards your pledge.

As our fundraising campaign progresses, we will offer “Town Hall” meetings, models and drawings of the proposed building, and determine a starting date contingent on the fundraising success of this project. We welcome support and hall use from our sister parish, St. Gabriel, and from our supportive and generous local community. Together, our new HALL will serve the future needs of both parishes. 

The Diocese of Steubenville Pastoral Plan envisions St. Francis and St. Gabriel being serviced by one priest in the long range plan. Chances are we will never be any less than what we are today. More importantly, we have the ability to become more than we can ever imagine! A New Parish Hall will help to ensure a future for our two parishes at a time when the number of priests serving the parishes of our diocese is in short supply. Together we have a future. Alone, we will perish!

Thanking you in advance for whatever you are able to contribute in assisting with our monumental and legacy project.  Asking for God’s choicest blessings upon your generosity, I remain sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Victor Cinson

 Please click below for a printable pledge form. Thank you for your generosity.












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