Fr. Victor P. Cinson, Jr Pastor

As pastor, I continue to be thankful for the many members whose stewardship of time, talent and treasure contribute to the vision of our parishes becoming what we are called to be as the People of God.  

What is Stewardship?  Stewardship is a journey.  It is a life long conversion process in which we order every day and every decision to follow Christ and what or lives were meant to be.  We take a step knowing that, even when we are unsure or scared, we are to trust the Lord with our whole heart, and love and serve the Lord and one another with our whole heart.  God will always tell us where to take a step on our faith journey and we are to listen and loving follow.  We will arrive safely in God's time and according to God's divine plan.

May God, who is never outdone in generosity, repay your kindness with the blessings of peace.  May we continually become good stewards of God's gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Mass Schedule

 Regular Mass Schedule
 Saturday:     4:00pm at St. Francis
                     6:00pm at St. Gabriel
 Sunday:       8:30am at St. Francis
                     10:30am at St. Gabriel

 Weekday Mass Schedule
 8:00am Mon. and Wed. at St. Francis
   9:00am Tues. and Thurs. at St. Gabriel
           9:00am Fri. St. Gabriel Communion Service

 Holy Days of Obligation    
     Vigil (evening before)  7:00pm at St. Francis
     Holy Day  9:00am and 7:00 pm at St. Gabriel
 Saturday:        2:00 – 2:45pm St. Gabriel
                  3:15 – 3:45pm St. Francis
Other times by request.

[Note: Confessions will be cancelled when there is a wedding at either church.  Check weekly bulletin.]  

 Click here for IGNITE – our parishes’ Youth Group!

Latest News

We will begin our PSR classes for students in kindergarten through Grade 8 starting September 15, 2019. Classes will be held Sunday morning from 9AM to 10:15AM. Come and join us as we learn more about God’s love for us and how we live as disciples of Jesus in today’s world.

A Health & Wellness Lifestyle Fair is being planned for Saturday, October 19, 2019 at Good Shepherd Hall in Malvern. The major sponsor for the fair is the Aultman Health Foundation and participating sponsors include Consumers National Bank and Community Hospice. The fair is a project of St. Francis Xavier and St. Gabriel Catholic Churches.
The Carroll County Health Department will provide flu shots and blood pressure checks. Many local health care providers will have exhibit spaces and provide important information about disease prevention and local health services.
There will be a variety of speakers and entertainers throughout the day. Healthcare providers and organizations that offer healthy lifestyle services who would like to participate are urged to call 330-863-1185 for more information.